Your bulk cut flowers will be prepared and ready for you to arrange upon pick up, but here are some quick tips to help you get the best from your blooms.

1) If you need to store your blooms before arranging them, place them in the center of your refrigerator and increase the temperature to 40 as to not freeze your flowers.

2) Keep the water level high and clean. Flowers drink as lot and some are dirty (looking at you sunflowers!) Change water at least every couple of days, recut stems, and add 1 tsp of flower preservative.

3) Keep your arrangements away from fruit and veggies. They emit ethylene which will cause your blooms to wilt and fade fast.

4) Snip off faded Iris and Lily blooms and any secondary blooms will open.

5) Keep your arrangements out of bright direct sunlight.

6) Pull out faded stems instead of throwing out the whole arrangement and enjoy your refreshed bouquets even longer.